Columbus, Georgia is a hot rental market, and one of the reasons for that is our tenant base. A lot of military tenants are in town, and they’re looking for high-quality rental housing. Ft. Benning is one of the largest training bases in the United States. Thousands of soldiers spend six months or a year or longer in the area. Often, they move into town with their families. 

This means there is a large pool of tenants who are responsible and well-qualified. 

If you’re in the military and you’ve purchased a home in the area, we can understand why. The market is accessible in Columbus, and you can find affordable homes that also make great investment properties when you’re ready to move out of the area. 

When you find yourself, as a homeowner,…

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Hiring a property management company means entrusting them with one of your most valuable assets – your investment property. Your property manager is going to be the key to your financial success, in terms of turning a profit on your Columbus rental. It is, therefore, important to hire a trusted property management company that is responsible, skilled, experienced, and provides value for money.

To help you on your quest of finding a great property management company in Columbus, here are seven common questions to ask before hiring one.

1. How Long Have You Been In The Columbus Property Management Business?

Working with experienced property management professionals is always a better choice than working with novices. They have contacts in…

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Handling your Columbus property by yourself can be a challenging job. Many investors often believe that they can easily handle all property-related tasks because they are highly interested in taking them up. However, enthusiasm is not an adequate substitute for experience and expertise.

If you have been on the fence about whether or not you should hire a property manager for your Columbus property, we can help you find out. Here’s how.

If You Have a Portfolio of Properties

With multiple properties come multiple responsibilities. Handling these can become even more stressful if you own different types of units at different locations. This is when you should hire professionals like property managers in Columbus, GA. They are skilled at supervising…

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Welcome to our first quarter real estate market update for 2022. I've put some numbers together for you today, that I find interesting. Let's take a look, first with Georgia with Muscogee and Harris county sales results. We don't have an inventory problem. More homes sold in the first quarter of this year than the first quarter of last year, actually 77 more. The average sales price for homes in, these areas is up almost 12% or $24,000. The days on market dropped a little bit. I'm sure that no surprise to any of y'all and the total sales volume. Now we're looking at Russell and Lee county and these stats come from the east Alabama border realtors. Again, we do not have an inventory problem in Russell and Lee county Actually had 63 more transactions this…

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Kent Morris -Recognized in RLI’s 2021 APEX Producers Club


April 7, 2022 (Pine Mountain, GA) – Kent Morris, with Bickerstaff Parham Real Estate from Columbus, GA, has been recognized as a part of the 2021 APEX Producers Club by the Realtors® Land Institute (RLI) as a part of the RLI APEX Production Awards Program, sponsored by The Land Report.

Kent Morris was recognized by RLI CEO Aubrie Kobernus, MBA, RCE, and The Land Report Co-founder Eric O’Keefe on Thursday, March 24, during RLI’s 2022 National Land Conference (NLC22) in San Antonio, TX, at a dinner that included special guest Jamey Clement, Retired Chairman of the Board of Texas’ King Ranch, the nation’s largest ranch at 825,000 acres.

“I am both humbled and honored to receive this…

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Columbus, Georgia, USA downtown skyline and park.

Whether you’ve lived in an area for years or have just settled into a new community, you never know what surprises wait around the corner.

And, this rings especially true for residents, new & old, of Columbus, Georgia.

Restaurants, museums, entertainment and endless opportunities for outdoor adventures await – and, with so many options to choose from, it’s easy to miss out on some of them!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of seven things you can do for fun in the Columbus area.

Start from the top and work your way down to check every item off the list!

Start Your Experience In Columbus, Georgia

If you’re ready for a fun filled day, the following experiences certainly fit the bill.

1. WhiteWater Express

Calling all thrill…

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Columbus, Georgia, USA downtown skyline

Columbus, Georgia On The Big Screen

When it comes to being featured on the big screen, Columbus, Georgia is certainly no stranger! The vibrant city has appeared in many films and has brought plenty of fascinating people to the area. 

Curious about Columbus’ film industry history? Discover some of the many movies shot right in town.

Hollywood Arrives To Columbus 

Kiss The Tarantula (1975)

Overview: In this horror film, John Bradley lives in his large house with his wife, Martha, his daughter, Susan, and her pet tarantulas. Susan soon discovers that her mother is having an affair with her uncle, and that the two plan to murder her father for his life insurance money. In a bid to teach her mother a lesson with her pet spiders, she ends up…

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Professional Movers

So You’ve Decided To Move – Now What?

As you begin to plan your move, you might be wondering if you’re prepared to tackle the task of doing it all on your own. Sure, you might be up for the challenge – but just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you always should! So let’s explore the options.

To hire professional movers or not to hire?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll face when planning your move is whether or not you’d like to hire professional movers, or do it yourself. In considering the pros and cons of each, you can determine what option is right for you. 

Consider Safety 

With Movers

Using a professional moving company can help make your move safer. Equipped with packing and moving supplies, specialized equipment (such as…

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The History of Columbus Georgia

It’s not often that a city is planned in advance of its founding, unless you’re Columbus, Georgia of course!

The town was founded in 1828 by an act of the Georgia Legislature, and served as a trading post to promote commerce within the area. Situated at the start of Chattahoochee River’s navigable portion and on the final stretch of Federal Road, before entering Alabama, provided Columbus with an ideal location.

Named after Christopher Columbus, the city profited from its location on the river as it acted as a connection to the rest of the world. Often, ships with cotton crops would make their way to the international markets in New Orleans and eventually to Liverpool, England.

When the railroad was…

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