Main Office

Main Office

This is the main office for Bickerstaff Parham Real Estate. At this location you will find our Property Management Department, Commercial Sales and our Residential Sales Department. This building was constructed in December of 2016.

Agents in Office

Portrait of Merrie Albrecht, Realtor (GA & AL)

Merrie Albrecht

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Andrew Arnett, Realtor (GA)

Andrew Arnett

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Bren Askew, Realtor (GA & AL)

Bren Askew

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Lauren Averett, Realtor (GA & AL)

Lauren Averett

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Rebecca Barnes, Realtor (GA & AL)

Rebecca Barnes

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Reynolds Bickerstaff, CEO | Co-Founder | Broker

Reynolds Bickerstaff

CEO | Co-Founder | Broker
Portrait of Monica Craig, REALTOR (GA)

Monica Craig

Portrait of Ruthie Curtis, Realtor (GA)

Ruthie Curtis

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Skip Davidson, Realtor (GA)

Skip Davidson

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Shawn Davis, Realtor (AL & GA)

Shawn Davis

Realtor (AL & GA)
Portrait of Shontrell Davis, Realtor (GA & AL)

Shontrell Davis

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Anthony Dooley, Realtor (GA)

Anthony Dooley

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Andrea Dowdell, Realtor (GA)

Andrea Dowdell

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Jason Elrod, Realtor (GA)

Jason Elrod

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Caroline Fields, Realtor - GA

Caroline Fields

Realtor - GA
Portrait of Frank Fuller, Realtor (GA)

Frank Fuller

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Chris Gordon, Realtor (GA)

Chris Gordon

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Franklin Harcourt, Realtor (GA & AL) Commercial

Franklin Harcourt

Realtor (GA & AL) Commercial
Portrait of Martin Harper, Realtor (GA)

Martin Harper

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Michelle Hart, Realtor (GA)

Michelle Hart

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Kathy Hogan-McMillen, Realtor (GA & AL)

Kathy Hogan-McMillen

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Sam Hornyak, Realtor

Sam Hornyak

Portrait of Matt Johnson, Realtor (GA & AL)

Matt Johnson

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of HoJung Kim, Realtor (GA & AL)

HoJung Kim

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Hong Kim, Realtor (GA)

Hong Kim

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Cindy Klepak, Realtor (GA)

Cindy Klepak

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Jennifer Lamb, Realtor (GA & AL)

Jennifer Lamb

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Daniel Littleton, Realtor (GA & AL)

Daniel Littleton

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Jaime Livingston, Realtor (GA & AL)

Jaime Livingston

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Scott Livingston, Realtor - GA & AL

Scott Livingston

Realtor - GA & AL
Portrait of Peggy Lyda, Realtor (GA)

Peggy Lyda

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of David McMillen, Realtor (GA) Commercial

David McMillen

Realtor (GA) Commercial
Portrait of Stephanie Miller, Realtor (GA)

Stephanie Miller

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Richard Mobley, Realtor (GA & AL) Commercial

Richard Mobley

Realtor (GA & AL) Commercial
Portrait of Kristina Moore, Realtor - GA

Kristina Moore

Realtor - GA
Portrait of Kent Morris, Realtor (GA) Land Specialist

Kent Morris

Realtor (GA) Land Specialist
Portrait of Allen Parham,  Partner/Broker  CBR, ARB, GRI

Allen Parham

Partner/Broker CBR, ARB, GRI
Portrait of Hannah Pate, Realtor

Hannah Pate

Portrait of Doug Redmond, Realtor (GA)

Doug Redmond

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Jamie Redmond, Realtor - GA

Jamie Redmond

Realtor - GA
Portrait of Ashley Reese, Realtor (GA & AL)

Ashley Reese

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Steve Register, Realtor/Broker Relocation Director CRP

Steve Register

Realtor/Broker Relocation Director CRP
Portrait of Molly Rose, Realtor - GA

Molly Rose

Realtor - GA
Portrait of Gerald Saunders, Realtor (GA & AL)

Gerald Saunders

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Micah Sikes, Realtor - GA

Micah Sikes

Realtor - GA
Portrait of Marty Upshaw, Realtor (GA & AL)

Marty Upshaw

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Mary Varner, Realtor (GA)

Mary Varner

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Kristi Watkins, Realtor (GA & AL)

Kristi Watkins

Realtor (GA & AL)
Portrait of Gaye Willoughby, Realtor (GA)

Gaye Willoughby

Realtor (GA)
Portrait of Debbie Young, Realtor (GA)

Debbie Young

Realtor (GA)

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