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I get more questions on this topic than any others. About 90-95% of all the property I sell is in this program with the County Assessor. These programs are very popular because they reduce the amount of Property or ad valorem taxes on your property. I reached out to my good friend Lauren Harbin, Chief Assessor with Talbot County GA for some information. PLEASE REMEMBER CONSERVATION USE VALUATION IS DIFFERENT THAN A CONSERVATION EASEMENT. The Conservation Use Valuation is a 10 year program with the County Assessor. A Conservation easement is deeded to a Land Trust and runs for perpetuity (that is forever!).

Conservation Use Assessment is a favorable tax treatment covenant designed to protect qualified property owners from being pressured by the

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By Kent Morris of Bickerstaff Parham Land Group

I recently helped a client with a large timber sale in Meriwether County GA. The property is 407 acres in size. Due to low mill inventories and the wet weather it became necessary to implement this timber sale. The landowner has been thinking about this for some time and the prices offered determined it was the right time! The property was primarily made up of 38 year old planted Loblolly Pines that had been thinned twice. I love forestry and logging so I decided to capture the logging operation on film. The operation starts with a machine called a feller-buncher which is a rubber tired machine with a saw head. This machine moves through the forest cuts down the trees and stacks them neatly into

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